We have been a UK ESET partner since 2005. Its the ONLY Anti Virus we sell and we also use it in house. We offer full UK support with this software. Send us a message for a quote. We can also offer a install service. Please note we only have a licence to sell ESET in the UK so you MUST have a UK billing address.

Why ESET Anti Virus

You may have never heard of ESET before, but this is your wakeup call. Your welcome to the ESET club, we’re happy to have you and protect your computer club. ESET has been around for over 25 years and currently takes care of over 100 million users every day. They run an award winning company and provide service that matches it, plus it’s easy. ESET is a company that can handle home and business computer security to keep you safe anywhere you are. It’s imperative in this age to keep your information and your computer safe, because if not, you could be risking your personal information and therefore your livelihood.

Their mission is to enable our users to enjoy the full potential of themselves and their technology in a secure digital world. They want to keep your information safe from harmful attacks. They change with the times and continue to improve their product.

Why ESET is the Best Choice
The company has been winning awards left and right. According to their own site they have the “longest unbroken run of VB100 awards for malware detection of any internet security vendor”. This is a feat that no other company can claim, and that’s what makes them top of the line. You would also imagine that a company that secures businesses like Honda and Toshiba, among other top brands would be an amazing component for your home computer. A company that you can trust.

Their software is also one that doesn’t hinder your ability to get work done. This means that the programme working in the background will not compromise your system speed. And no matter what language you speak, there is customer support tailored to meet your needs. This is customer service at its finest.

How are the Reviews?
The reviews are positive for this programme, It’s ranked as one of the easiest programmes to se from download to use and that’s important for so many users. Everyone wants something to protect them from dangers, and this programme checks that box. Instead of having to really read the directions and search how to use it, this allows you to just download and go. So consumers can easily know that they are protected in just a few clicks. They have one of the highest ranking when it comes to identifying legitimate sites and issues, allowing all real information and safe information to come through without issue. It can tell a real threat from a non-issue without fail.

Final Thoughts
In the end, ESET is a great product that one would be remiss to download and use. Finding a programme that you can easily use that you are confident with is difficult with so many options out there and ESET can easily provide you with that. If you are in the market for a new programme. and want something that protects systems from the biggest companies to the smallest smartphones, check out their site here and give them a chance.’